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The blockchain and cryptocurrency of Earth Restoration

It is our responsibility as inhabitants and users of Earth's resources to help sustain, protect, and restore our environment.

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EARTH REPAIR UNITS blockchain and cryptocurrency (ERU) actively promotes the restoration of our planet by allowing seamless and comprehensive transactions between vendors in the environmental remediation sector.


The EARTH REPAIR UNITS blockchain (network) is a comprehensive online platform for supplier and consumer discovery in the environmental remediation industry around the world. The network provides direct access to detailed information in every service category required for clean-ups and designs perfect remediation recipes based on optimization routines built in the ERU technology.


The network's official currency is the ERU coin.


As the exclusive currency utilized on the EARTH REPAIR UNITS blockchain, a portion of all ERU transaction fees are donated to EARTH REPAIR UNITS FOUNDATION to implement costless clean-ups around the world.

Our Purpose
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ERU is offering a limited amount of Company Equity and Pre-ICO Tokens.

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